Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Direct-Selling is the New "In-Thing"!

Direct selling – Learn how you can capitalize on this growing trend

If you are wondering about an instant career in the direct selling industry, I can help you!  I am building a group on Facebook that has everything you need to know about becoming a Thirty-One Consultant.  Add me as a friend on Facebook and I'll add you to the group!

In the meantime, enjoy this great article.

:-) Sharon Katzevman
Senior Consultant, Thirty-One

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

“I’m NOT the home party type.”

Well, it’s been eight months since I started my own Thirty-One business and I have to say that I’ve heard this line a few times.  Here’s a big surprise for you: I am also NOT the home party type.  At least I thought I wasn’t until I started having home parties for Thirty-One.  

Home parties are fantastic for a number of reasons.  Here are just a few:
  1. We are all busy.
  2. We don’t have time to see our friends.
  3. We love our friends.
  4. We don’t have time to shop.
  5. We love to shop.
  6. We haven’t had a girl’s night in ages.
  7. We miss hanging out with our friends.
  8. We love getting great deals.
  9. We all need to buy gifts for friends, family and ourselves.
  10. Home entertaining is a great way to bring our friends closer together and meet new friends.
So, Why Should I Host a Thirty-One Home Party?
Honestly, the rewards are incredible!  My average party has $655.00 in sales, which earns the Hostess over $98 in free product, three half price items and a great deal on the monthly Hostess Incentive as well as her choice of a Hostess Exclusive Item - either a Rolling Tote or a Garment Bag.  You could end up with an amazing assortment of Thirty-One items at a fraction of the cost.  My Hostesses usually earn so much, they ask me to help them decide on what to get with their rewards!

When Should I Host My Party?
Whenever you want!  Do you want an evening party in your home?  Or a party at a local restaurant or coffee house?  What about having a brunch or coffee break party?  How about a midday or at work party?  The key is to have the party when you and your friends are available.  We can schedule almost anything.  I usually offer certain ‘hot dates’ on my calendar that are my most available times but I am also quite flexible and can work with you to arrange your party date to work with your schedule.

How Do I Host a Party?
Just say the word and we'll get your Party date on my calendar.  I will provide you with everything you need to prepare for your party and will even mail your invitations with your postage for you if you'd like.  You'll be supplied with catalogs, order forms, party invite post cards, personalization ideas, a handy order totaling cheat sheet and more.  I can set up your event as a Facebook event and you can invite your guests from there.  I can even provide you with a few samples of our quality products to show people who might not have heard of Thirty-One before.  When it's time for your party, I'll arrive 30 minutes before to set up the items that are of the most interest to you and your friends and greet your guests. My most favorite part about parties is meeting new people!

Then What Happens?
Your guests arrive, we all talk, laugh, hang-out, get to know each other and view the products. I will welcome everyone with a very short introduction, describe the Customer and Hostess Specials and give a product demonstration – this all only takes about 10 minutes or less.  We can play a game or not – depends on what you would like to do.  Then your guests fill out their order forms with or without my help and decide on which products to buy – we can all help with personalization ideas!  I do a prize drawing at every party so that we have a few winners!  Why?  Because winning prizes is awesome!!!

Then comes the super fun part – at the end of your party, I’ll tally up your total sales and you get to choose your Hostess Rewards.  You'll get free products, half-priced products and with parties over $500, you'll even get free shipping on your order.  Most importantly, you have my support to follow through with delivery of quality products to make you and your party guests smile.  I'm here for customer service after your party so that everyone is happy with their purchase. 

May Hostess Special
May Hostesses will “Step Up” to the next Hostess Level.  Host a $350 Party and get the Hostess Rewards for a $500 Party!  Host a $500 Party and get the Hostess Rewards for a $750 Party and so on!

May Customer Special
Get the Mini Zipper Pouch valued at $10 for the Special Price of $2.31 with every $31 purchase.  Get a HUGE deal on one of our most useful items.  Choose from Onyx Medallion, Garden Bloom, Free Spirit Floral, Floral Fanfare, Apple Blossom, Hampton in Taupe, Circle Spirals or Floral Celebration.  Personalize your pouch for just $6.

So, what are you waiting for?  Contact me and we’ll book your Party today at sharon@my-thirty-one.com or 206-841-5055.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time to Hit the Beach!

Well at least it's Beach Towel time!  

April's Hostess Special is the Beach Towel.  Thirty-One's Beach Towels are plush, vibrant and totally cuddly.  They can be personalized and come in two prints: Circle Spirals Stripe and Chains Ahoy.  They are regularly $36 and Hostesses in April can get them for just $10.  

But I'll do better than that for MY Hostesses...I'LL BUY YOUR BEACH TOWELS FOR YOU!
  • Host a $350 party: get one Beach Towel for $10 – save $26.
  • Host a $550 party: get up to two Beach Towels for $10 each – save $52.
  • Host a $750 party: get up to four Beach Towels for $10 each – save $104! 
So yes, with me as your Thirty-One Senior Consultant extraordinaire, I will BUY your $10 Beach Towels for you! 

So go ahead, dare me to buy you all four!  All you have to do is Host a $750+ party. 

What's the April Customer Special, you ask?
You will save a bundle on one of our favorites in April! For every $31 you spend, you can get an All-In-One Organizer for half price – a savings of $9. The more you spend, the more organized you’ll be!  

 The All-In-One Organizer has so many uses:
  • The perfect baby shower gift filled with diapers, wipes and baby powder.
  • Easter baskets full of treats.
  • Ballet, tap or jazz dance bags for shoes, clothes and snacks.
  • File folders for home or office organization.
  • Beach tote for your new Beach Towels, sunscreen and water.
  • Cleaning supply holder.
  • Wii/XBox game supply holder.
  • DVD/CD storage
  • Personalize it for a child's birthday gift for all of their treasures.
  • Keep library books all in one location so you're not searching for them.
  • Picnic supplies.
  • Shower supplies at the gym or dorm.
The All-in-One Organizer's possibilities are endless!  And for just $9 with every $31 purchase, it's a steal.  How many will you get???

Sharon Katzevman
Senior Consultant
Thirty-One Gifts

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kids Birthday Presents - What to Get???

It's always an issue in our house - it's so-and-so's birthday and we need a gift.  I have two daughters ages 9 and 6 and they have birthday parties to go to almost every weekend.  Now I'm a single mom on a tight budget and I'm a direct seller for Thirty-One Gifts to make money, not spend it.  But if I have to buy gifts for my daughter's friends, I might as well buy them from Thirty-One and make the commission off of them, right? 

This month, the Customer Special is 50% off purses.  So this month's gift was the Mini Retro Metro for my daughter's friends.  I know they'll love having their very own personalized purse to tote around town.

I hope their friends like their gifts! 

Next month's birthday gift will be the All-in-One Organizer, which will be 50% off so only $9 with every $31 purchase.  The All-in-One Organizer is - in my opinion - the most humble of our totes yet it's so functional.  I use it as my Party-to-Go bag and fill it up with products, catalogs and order forms. 

 Other uses for the All-in-One Organizer:
  • Keep diapers, wipes and creams organized on the changing table.
  • Keep toys, juice boxes, crayons, DVD's organized in the car.
  • Keep bills and mail sorted and organized on the kitchen counter.
  • Keep DVD's, game controllers, remote controls sorted in the TV cabinet.
  • Hit the beach with your snacks, towel, sunscreen, and sunglasses.
  • Keep the backseat gang occupied, perfect for games and books while you travel!
  • Create your own filing system for home office paperwork, bills and more.
  • Clean up your cleaning supplies and keep them all together to make clean up a snap!
  • Keep all of the library books in one convenient place.
  • Kids toys never were easier and more fun to put away.
  • Keep all of your bath products in one handy location.
See what I mean?  A ton of different uses - all from one humble adorable tote available in 9 prints.  Personalize it for only $6.

What are you getting for birthday gifts?  Need help?  I can help you find the perfect gift!

Sharon Katzevman
Senior Consultant, Thirty-One Gifts

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Me" a Thirty-One Gifts Hostess?

You may think, "I'd like to host a Thirty-One Party, but I can't because..."
  1.  I don't have the time. 
  2.  I don't know enough people.
  3. It must cost a lot of money to host a party.
 Well, let's examine these common misconceptions and see if they are fact or fiction?  

a) Time:
  • A typical party lasts less than two hours.  I spend a few minutes introducing myself and showing you my favorite products and the current monthly special, then it's shopping and socializing time.
  • Busy women don't always make time for "girl-time" – a party is the perfect opportunity to give this gift to your friends and yourself!
  • There are many gift-giving occasions in the next few months: birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, brises, Easter, Passover, Christmas, Hanukkah. You'll need to shop for these gifts anyway – why not do it in the comfort of your own home among friends and earn some of your gifts for free? You'll save time AND money! 
b) Guests:
  • You actually know more people than you think!
  • We like to use the "F.R.A.N.K acronym": Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kid's connections – babysitter, teachers, parents of their friends. Besides friends and family, consider how many people you come in contact with throughout your day. Your kids' teachers, your hairdresser, that nice lady behind the counter at the dry cleaner's, and many more. They'll be flattered that you thought of them!
  • I can help you quickly develop a guest list that just might surprise you!
  • Encourage each of your guests to bring a friend – you'll have higher party sales and earn more free products while making new friends at the same time.
c) Money:
  • You can keep your refreshments simple. Your guests are interested in seeing you and the products, not the food. Chips or veggies and dip can be just fine!
  • Schedule your party between normal meal times (after dinner on weeknights or after lunch on weekends) so guests won't be so hungry or expecting large amounts of food.
  • Have a friend who rivals Martha Stewart? Ask her to share her favorite treat with your guests and celebrate her contribution at your party!
  • My hostesses are usually thrilled with the amount of Hostess Rewards Thirty-One offers.  It’s almost too good to be true!  But it IS true! 

  • Just host a $200+ party and you'll earn FREE and Half-Priced items! Host a party of $500 or more and you earn Free Shipping on your items and the opportunity to buy an Exclusive Hostess product!!
  • Every month there are fantastic Hostess Specials and Customer Specials!

Upcoming Hostess Specials:

March 2011: Market Thermal Tote OR the XXL Everyday Tote
Host a $450-$749 party and get the Market Thermal Tote for only $10 – a $28 savings.
Host a $750+ party and get the Market Thermal Tote OR the XXL Everyday Tote for only $10 – a $50 savings.

April 2011: Beach Towel
Host a $350+ party and get the Beach Towel for only $10.
Host a $350-$549 party and get the Beach Towel for only $10.
Host a $550-$749 party and get up to 2 Beach Towels for only $10 each.
Host a $750+ party and get up to 4 Beach Towels for only $10 each.
A savings of $26 on each!  Choose from Chains Ahoy or Circle Spirals Stripe. 

Upcoming Customer Specials:
March 2011: For every $31 you spend…you’ll get ½ off any purse!
Choose from: Albany Bag, Medium Purse, Skirt Purse, Retro Metro Bag, Organizing Shoulder Bag, Pop Crossbody, Elite Skirt Purse, Cinch-Top Bucket Bag, Mini Retro Metro Bag or Demi Purse.  Skirts for the purses are also half price!

April 2011: For every $31 you spend get our $18 All-In-One Organizer for ½ off!
Item no. 3258. Choose from Apple Blossom, Circle Celebration, St. Andrews Hole-N-1, Garden Bloom, Playful Robots, Mod Dot, Cheeky Elephants, Black or Circle Spirals. 

How Do I Get Started?
I am available to do home parties in the Seattle, WA and surrounding areas within 1.5 hour driving distance! ~ YES, I’m happy to travel!.  

Go For It!
So go ahead and host a party...you've got nothing to lose, and you're sure to have a lot of fun!
Make it even easier ~ Host a Catalog Party, an Online Party, an At Work Party or a Party-To-Go! Ask me how!!!

Contact me to book your Party today!

Sharon Katzevman
Senior Consultant
(206) 841-5055

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teaching My Girls the Value of Money

A while ago I had an Open House for my Thirty-One business at my home.  I do these Open Houses about once a month and I get a nice stream of my regular customers coming by to check out my new stock, new catalogs and fabric swatches.  This particular Open House was on a "snow day" so nobody came over.  I've learned to never get discouraged when I have a slow Open House, because that is my intense work time and I'm busy relationship building on the phone and on Facebook, putting my labels on all of my marketing materials and updating my Hostess and Opportunity Packets.

My girls got quite discouraged that nobody came to my Open House.  They were so sweet and  very concern that we didn't make any money that night.  This really affected them and I'm always up for teaching them a life skill when they need it, which is always.  Being a happily divorced mom, I want them to appreciate whatever we have, whatever we get and whenever we get it.  

The saying that we use around here is
"You get what you get, and you don't get upset!"  

I explained to my girls that my business is doing great and one slow Open House isn't going to destroy us.  Plus it was snowing out so I understood why nobody came over, I wouldn't have left the house that night either!  Then I explained to them that I now have a team of 8 people who are working very hard and I spend a lot of time working with them, helping them and being their personal cheerleader.  

This wasn't enough for them, they didn't quite understand.

So I decided that my girls would be my customers on that snowy, stormy night.  They wanted to buy something to help me with my business.  All they could afford were 2 key chains - after all, they are 9 and 6.5 - they aren't rolling in a lot of cash.  So I treated them like customers, even calling them Miss Katzevman and Miss Katzevman - they loved it!  They shopped for a while and then decided to purchase the key chains (since I had to break out of character to tell them that they really couldn't afford anything else).  Then they had to come up with the money.  They scoured every one of their purses and wallets for the money and managed to come up with it - which was a feat of it's own!  We are definitely a purse and wallet-loving family! 

In the end, when they managed to find the money, I surprised them by charging them tax which set them on another search to look for more coins.  They should learn about tax now so they are not discouraged later on in life. I wrote them out receipts, stapled my business card to the receipts and bagged their purchases.  They were thrilled and enchanted!  My boyfriend and I were cracking up about the entire process that took them about an hour and produced a total sale of $2.20.  

It was my most favorite Open House ever.

The next day my youngest daughter lost a tooth.  She was so happy when she got a zip-lock baggie under her pillow with a total of $2.20 from the tooth fairy, who we call "The Rock in Blue Fairy Wings and a Tutu".

On this day, my girls learned the value of money.  Well at least they started the process of learning it.  I'm thankful for my Thirty-One business which not only helps me pay my bills, meet amazing women, make tons of new friends and gives me tons of adorable products to use and display, it also shows my girls that their mom isn't a victim of divorce, she's their hero, teacher and provider who takes amazing care of them.